About Kent

Kent’s Life

Kent and Angie

Kent Scism grew up on a farm and raised livestock from an early age. His father built a Ford tractor dealership and later purchased a Ford Motor Company dealership when Kent was young. Kent started working for his father’s dealership at the age of 13, where he spent his evenings and weekends washing cars, sweeping floors, and doing every task imaginable. While not working, Kent attended Park Hills Central where he played basketball and football, and ran track.

Kent later attended Missouri State and after graduating he returned to work at Scism Ford. He has been married to his wife Angie for 32 years and together they have three daughters. Kent returned home to Farmington after college to manage his father’s car dealership.

Kent has spent his career building his father’s dealership, Sam Scism Ford, into a large and profitable business operation. He is proud to call the Farmington community home and is committed to making it a better place to live, work, and play.


Throughout the long days of his childhood, Kent was instilled with a hard work ethic and a deep sense of passion for his local community. Kent’s father instilled in him a sense that small businesses benefitted from the community they served, and therefore, they owed the community and its families to give back to them. He has spent his life giving back to the community that has been so good to him and his family.

Kent is passionate about education. He has served the local school board and his father and grandfather have both been educators.

Kent’s life experience has led him to have a real understanding of the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and youth. He firmly believes that if the next generation of Missouri’s workforce is going to have any hope of a better tomorrow, they need quality access to education and minimal government interference with the operation of small businesses. This has led Kent to fight against burdensome regulations, government overreach, and red tape in his industry at the State and Federal levels.


Kent was devastated at the age of 13 by the loss of his mother due to a stroke. Unfortunately, it took more than an hour and a half for her to get to the nearest hospital for treatment –and by then it was too late. Kent’s family suffered another tragedy when he and his wife lost a daughter to the current opioid epidemic.

As a result of these tragic experiences, Kent is passionate about ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare and he is committed to protecting our children and community from the dangers of the drug cartels that are flooding our market with highly dangerous and family-destroying drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and others.

Why He’s Running

Kent has been humbled by the tremendous support he has received from his community throughout his life and wants to give back. He has dedicated most of his professional career to active engagement within his community, supporting charities, sitting on the school board, and trying to make his home a better place. He wants to continue that lifetime of service in the State Senate.

Kent is running because he is passionate to help his community and he wants to see it thrive. Kent wants to operate government like he operated his business – by reducing cost and being more responsive to his customers.

He is committed to keeping the American Dream alive.